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Remote online support is available to resolve most computing issues utilizing remote control software, text chat and phone to resolve issues on a system. A working high speed Internet connection is required for using our remote services. If your high speed Internet is down we can assist in restoring your Internet connection.

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Simple: Call us when you need computer issues resolved!
Secure: 128-bit encrypted remote connection software keeps the support session secured from potential threats.
Available 24/7: We are here when you need us!
Remote Support Software
Download remote support file only while speaking to a support person.
  Remote Support - Desktop & Laptop
  Remote Support - Servers


  Operating System Repair & Troubleshooting  
Computers need regular maintenance to run at there best and to operate securely. This service ensures you are getting the most out of the system while maintaining safety.
  Adjustments: Set system setting for faster operation and some self maintenance
  Hard drive clean up and optimize: Deletion of temporary files and defragment
  Security assessment: Has Firewall, antivirus/spyware/adware programs
  Security check: File sharing programs, Windows file sharing and password policy
  Updates: Operating System and Antivirus/spyware/adware
Optional: Add scheduled self maintenance: $10.00
Additional software and hardware not included.
  Operating System Repair & Troubleshooting  
Remotely resolve operating system errors and root out problems on a computer.
  Resolve Windows Operating System errors.
  Remove viruses and spyware/adware.
  Check event logs for errors.
Additional software and hardware not included.
  Software Repair & Troubleshooting  
Remotely resolve software application errors and root out problems on a computer.
  Resolve software errors.
  Check event logs for errors.
  Reinstall one software title to resolve issues with the software.
Additional software and hardware not included.
  Peripheral Setup (printer, camera, scanner, etc.)  
Remotely guide through physical connection of device and software configuration.
  Guide through connecting the device to the PC.
  Configure the device for operation.
  Train on how to use the basic features of the device.
Additional software and hardware not included.
  Internet/Network Troubleshooting  
Remotely assist in restoring Internet or network connection.
  Check network equipment and connections.
  Check network software configuration.
  Discover if issue is at your site or with your Internet provider.
Additional software and hardware not included.
Prices subject to change at any time.
24/7 Emergency Service  


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