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Services - On-Site
Our services are broad to meet the needs and goals of most individuals, families and small businesses. On-site services are charged by flat rates per service given. We also offer consulting services if you prefer an hourly rate. Generally if you need more than a couple services an hourly rate is more economical.

With certified, experienced hardware and software technicians, your solution will be professionally implemented to meet your goals in a timely manner.

We service Seminole, Orange and parts of Lake, Volusia and Brevard counties in Central and Eastern Florida. Trip fees are not charged within our service area. There is a trip charge of $20.00 for on-site service outside of Seminole or Orange Counties over 25 miles and up to 30 miles.
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Click here to see if there will be a trip fee if the service location is outside of Seminole or Orange Counties.
On-Site Services
Remote Services
Systems Administration
Web Site Services
Consulting Services Custom Computer
On-site service to get you going at any hour and with our Guarantee of Service Satisfaction, rest assured any issues resolved that resurface within two weeks will be resolved for free. There is an Emergency Dispatch fee for on-site services dispatched after 5:00 PM or before 8:00 AM of $35.00 non refundable. National holidays have a $70.00 dispatch fee for on-site service at any time.
Repair & Upgrade Price
Repair PC  
$89.00 first hour
Root out problems and resolve; Remove viruses, spyware, adware and resolve application and Windows errors. Includes free versions of anti-virus and anti-spyware/adware software.   $69.00 each additional
External installation  
Including but not limited to:
Printer & all-in-one Hard drive
Camera Scanner
MP3 player Optical drive
Inside case installation  
Including but not limited to:
Memory Readers & Controllers
Sound Network Adapter
Hard Drive Video & Tuner
Optical Drive  
Software Install  
Install software suite onto computer, update and ensure proper basic operation. Server software install quoted separately.    
PC Setup & Customize  
Setup new or existing PC, optimize and customize to user needs. Includes setup of one local device; printer, all-in-one, camera etc.    
Operating System Install  
Install desktop Operating System i.e. Windows Vista/XP/2000. Windows critical updates are also installed.    
High speed Internet required for updating.
Create Restore Disk - PC Restore  
Create CD/DVD's that can be used to restore a system to the way it was when you purchased the PC.    
Networking Price
Wireless Network
Setup two desktop or laptop PC onto wireless network. Asses current security and configure for safe computing. Includes wireless router or access point installation and setup. Hardware not included.    
Wired Network
Add desktop or laptop to wired network and configure security. Cabling may be extra if not already in place.    
Network Sharing
Share folders and local printers with shortcuts for easy network access for interoffice file sharing.    
Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
Configure VPN connection to connect multiple site locations and/or computers around the world that need a secure connection. VPN's enable companies and individuals to work together as if they where all connected to a network at the same site location. Site to site connections may require additional hardware. Server controlled VPN setups may be extra.    
Wireless Security Setup
Asses and configure wireless security on router/access point and setup 2 computers/devices. Connect as many as the router/access point can support for a small charge for each additional computer/device.    
Maintenance Price
Backup Setup - Local
Backup to removable media or hard disk for fast retrieval of data or systems from failing hardware, user error and malicious action. Data or full system backup depending on media and customer needs. Protect irreplaceable data by having us setup a backup schedule to be as automated as possible with provided equipment at your site. Backup drive can be obtained if needed.    
Backup Setup - Off Site Manual
Backup to removable media or hard disk for off site storage in case of disaster or theft. Data or full system backup depending on media and customer needs. Protect irreplaceable data by having us setup a backup schedule to be as automated as possible with provided equipment at your site. Backup drive can be obtained if needed.    
Backup - Off Site Internet Automated
Valuable data should be stored off site in case of disaster. Entire systems or even entire networks can be stored off site in a secure, data center where the data can be restored or accessed quickly in case of all out disaster or just needing a previous version of a file. An Internet connection is required for this service.    
Computer Maintenance - Includes Basic Optimize
Inside and out physical cleaning of computer case (outside for laptops). Also includes mouse, monitor and keyboard. Software updates for Operating System, anti-virus and anti-spyware/adware. Operating System optimize by deleting temporary files and setting browser settings for self maintenance.    
Network Maintenance
Outside cleaning of device and updating.    
Printer Maintenance
Printer cleaning, updating and calibration.    
Training Price
On-Site Training
Common training subjects include IPod operation, photo printing, music, photo and video CD/DVD creation.    
Prices subject to change at any time.
24/7 Emergency Service  

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